Pyrite: A Saturnian Kind of Love

Also known as "fools' gold", Pyrite has a metallic color that is somewhere between gold and silver. It's high in iron, which makes it a heavier stone, and under certain conditions, it can grow in a perfect cube.

You might expect crystals to grow in your typical crystal shape 💎 but the truth is crystals can grow in many different geometric shapes. This all comes down to their crystal system at a molecular level, or essentially how the molecules align themselves to form the crystal. It also depends on the environment they grow in.

The magical thing about crystals and their molecules is that they're fractals. They have the same repeating atomic structure, which means they emit a very stable frequency. This is how they support us.

Pyrite's tagline: be a square. I know, I know. Who wants to be a square? Who wants to follow the rules all the time, and be responsible, and keep commitments, and enforce the boundaries? That doesn't sound enticing at all. Pyrite is like a vegetable. Most people don't want to eat them but when it comes down to it, they are good for us. It's like biting the bullet now so that your future is better.

The truth is we need rules, we need responsibility, we need commitments, and we need boundaries. Sometimes, we need to be square, and Pyrite has some lessons for us on this front. It's a Saturnian kind of love. If you don't know much about Saturn, it's the planet of pressure, discipline, and law. It's easy to feel like these things are the killjoys of life because, in a way, Saturn requires action in the areas of our lives that need our attention...probably the areas in our lives that we've been avoiding. We avoid things in life for a lot of reasons. Things can are boring, annoying, terrifying, painful, overwhelming...

Getting your oil changed in an example. So is telling your parents that you'd rather go to college for dance than for law. So is quitting your soul-sucking job so you can pursue something you're really passionate about even though it doesn't pay for a new Mercedes. So is finally cutting the ties with that dysfunctional and harmful relationship.

It's challenging to do these kinds of things. We experience resistance when we do them. Whether or not we know it's the best thing for us at the time, we for sure know (and feel) that it's hard. So we avoid it. This may come as a shock to you but very rarely do problems go away or even diminish when you avoid them. They most likely only get bigger and worse.

You're not helping anybody, certainly not yourself, if you're broke down on the side of the road from neglecting that oil change. You're probably annoyed and frustrated. You might even beat yourself up for not doing more sooner to prevent it. And you might wonder why for the love of whatever is out there were you not made to be more organized and more focused and more responsible.

You're not helping anyone, certainly not yourself, if you hate going to work every day because you find no meaning in what it is you're doing. You can dream of that job that you know you'd love, but it requires you to go back to school, and that requires money and time and energy, things you might not feel like you have. So why bother? Dreams must be for suckers.

Excuses, cough cough.

I am about to tell you something that feels equally uplifting and discouraging.

You can create any kind of life that you desire. It's all possible. 🌟

It's all possible with the right amount of commitment, structure, and responsibility. This amazing TRUTH is uplifting because you can go get out there and manifest your dreams RIGHT NOW, and it's discouraging because it makes us acknowledge that we are fully accountable for our lives currently. Every decision you have made has contributed to your present reality. That can be a hard pill to swallow, especially if you're not happy with the way things are. It's easy to beat yourself up, place blame, give shame, feel guilt. Let me stop you right here. These behaviors are not helpful either. It's not that your past decisions are your enemy because you're not where you currently want to be. Your past decisions, your past self, they are teachers. Without them, you couldn't know the better choices to make. So appreciate them. Let them guide you.

And Pyrite? No, I didn't forget about Pyrite. These are the words from pyrite ⬆️. Pyrite is a stone of abundance, which at first it doesn't seem like responsibilities, rules, and boundaries have anything to with abundance, but in reality, they have everything to do with it.

Plan for your oil change ahead of time and heck, even make an appointment for it. Do yourself a favor and pursue your dreams, even if it requires you to buckle down and get a planner and stop eating out three nights a week to get there. If it's worth it to you, then the work is worth it too. You are worth it.

You are worth letting go of relationships that don't support you, even if it requires you to have a tough conversation and someone ends up disappointed (I need to take my own advice here). Do the work because you're worth it. Your happiness is worth it.

I wear pyrite almost every day because I have struggled with this Saturnian kind of love. Some days, my boundaries are shit. I bend over backward for people, give more of my time than I intended to, cancel social engagements, push aside my business...

Despite these tendencies of mine, I know I can make my dreams come true. I know that I can be responsible and maintain my boundaries, and the pyrite I wear connects me to this. I know that just because I didn't follow through on my commitments to myself yesterday doesn't mean I'm doomed to repeat the same pattern today. No. I have power every day to step forward. Pyrite's beautiful cubic shape and consistent frequency helps me maintain my higher frequency of Saturnian love. I'm not perfect by any stretch, but I feel a little more supported. It's nature's reminder to be a square sometimes and eat my vegetables.

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